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It is this office’s passion to help you be in the best health you can be.

Dr. Jason Riemann D.C.

Owner, Chiropractor

Dr. Riemann graduated as a local to the Mobile area and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2000, Completing his Bachelor of Science degree.

After graduating he started a career in the IT industry and in 2003 began having cluster headaches, an untreatable medical problem with no known cause.  After 3 months of 6-8  cluster headaches per day, and after seeing multiple neurologists, an ENT, ophthalmologists, CT scans, MRIs, he was left with a diagnosis and prescription drugs that offered no relief. As a last resort, he sought the help of a Chiropractor.  While nothing showed on MRI, he actually had a severe whiplash which was easily identified by the Chiropractor as the cause of the headaches. After 3-6 visits, the Cluster Headaches were gone prompting his calling to the profession.

In 2005, He enrolled at Life University and graduated in 2009 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

After practicing as an associate doctor in North Carolina for 3 years he opened Absolute Health Solutions in his hometown of Mobile.

Tonya Gomillion

Massage Therapist

Tonya Gomillion has 16 years of massage therapy experience and is one of the best massage therapists in the area.

Amber Riemann

Office Administrator

Amber is the face that greets you upon entering Absolute Health Solutions.  She will handle scheduling your adjustments as well as addressing any questions you may have.


Office Administrator

Bekah will handle new patient intake, handles patient flow, and schedule appointments.

In the Office

Our newly renovated and expanded offices offer a welcoming and comfortable environment.  We have an open and cozy play area for children, private rooms for massage and consultations, and an open lounge area where we hold our various classes.

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Absolute Health Solutions

3956 Governement Blvd
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